Spenser grew up in the small beautiful town of Wesley, Iowa. He currently resides and is based out of Clear Lake, Iowa. Live music has been a growing interest for the young musician. The majority of Spenser's musical career is focused on playing live shows for a variety of events/venues. With a hefty lineup of drinking songs and upbeat sing-alongs, he often finds himself playing in area bars. He's also played for numerous fundraisers, community events, weddings, and other private parties. Spenser's shows range from good old country with Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, to the rocking tunes of the Eagles, Journey and Bon Jovi, to the modern sounds of Eric Church and Chris Stapleton.

Success in music comes from countless hours of practice. Spenser attributes much of his musical success to his mother. Not because she was a talented musician, but because she bribed Spenser with a $20 bill to not quit when he wanted to drop out of middle school band. The frugal young boy couldn't resist such an offer. Years later, Spenser graduated high school with 8 years of musical experience as a result of the bribe, and 3 years of experience playing guitar. To this day he wonders why his mother paid to hear the countless hours of trumpet practice that followed the $20 bribe.

College proved to be worthwhile to Spenser for more than just the drinking. Taking additional guitar and vocal courses helped build a solid musical foundation. Spenser nervously entered the live music scene toward the end of college, drunkenly encouraged by many friends. As the years passed, he found the opportunity to play many shows in many places with different musicians. Spenser often teams up with Mike Staebell of Cedar Falls to form one of Iowa's most harmonious and trend-setting pairs - The Duovers ( He also frequently teams up with Ben Jenniges of Garner to form Stubble Trouble, the duo Bearded Musicians Weekly deemed "by far the best bearded duo to play in Northern Iowa if you exclude towns with populations of 5,000 or more." Spenser also frequently teams up with fellow Clear Lake native Tommy Clark. By pairing up with fellow musicians, Spenser played 70 gigs in 2014, 74 gigs in 2015, 88 gigs in 2016, and 95 gigs in 2017.

2018 will be the most exciting year to date for this young musician. Besides the normal abundance of shows, Spenser released his first album this year, recording at Forte Studios in Boone, Iowa. Please continue to follow and support Spenser as he continues to develop.